Our SLE's

Please find out more about our SLEs and their specialisms below.


Alison Ewen - Maths

  Specialisms: Assessment, Leadership - view full profile

Angela Jenkins - Early Years

Specialisms: Leadership of Curriculum, Phonics, Assessment - view full profile

Carol Chapman - Business Management

Specialisms: School Business Management (Primary), Academy Conversion/Transition, Federation Business Structure - view full profile

Catherine Townsend - Pupil achievement: Literacy

Specialisms: Leadership of curriculum area: Literacy, Assessment, Initial Teacher Training & Newly Qualified Teacher development - view full profile

Claire Redwood - Maths

Specialisms: Maths leadership, Teaching & Learning, Leading Key Stage 2 - view full profile

Clare Welsh - Early Years and Modern Foreign Languages (French and Spanish)

Specialisms: Phonics, Key Stage One Curriculum - view full profile

Dave Hillings - Physical Education

Specialisms: Leadership of PE, Leadership of CPD, ITT and NQT development - view full profile

Emma Lupton - School Leadership

Specialisms: School Leadership, Staff development including NQT and early career development,EYFS - view full profile

Fern de Beer - Middle Leadership

Specialisms: Key Stage 1 Leadership, Assessment & Standards, Modern Foreign Languages - view full profile

Jenny Wilson - MFL (Modern Foreign Languages)

Specialisms: Phonics, English especially at KS1, Curriculum design, Marking Policy, EYFS  - profile to be added

Justine Dixon - Maths

 Specialisms: Science, Leadership of Curriculum - view full profile

Gill Quantrell - Early Years

Specialisms: Phonics - view full profile

Kerry Bargewell - Information to be added

Specialisms: to be added

Simon Westwood - Literacy & Curriculum Design

Specialisms: Maths - assessment, School attainment – pupil progress KS2 - view full profile