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Maths Subject Knowledge




Primary Excellence Teaching School is proud to be running a brand new series of Twilight sessions  taking place over the Autumn and Spring terms.Subject knowledge continues to be of upmost importance for teachers as they look to use a mastery approach towards the teaching of mathematics.

The range of twilight sessions will allow teachers to develop their knowledge and confidence for the progression of
mathematical concepts including:

· Additive Structures (Part One and Part Two)

· Multiplicative Structures (Part One and Part Two)

· Fractions (Part One and Part Two)


The sessions will allow teachers to unpick the procedural and conceptual understanding required to secure a
deeper understanding of the primary national curriculum.  Furthermore teachers will be able to reflect on how this new knowledge may be applied within their own classrooms.


Number, Addition and Subtraction:

This session will look at the composition of numbers, recognising how the understanding of numbers 1-20 can significantly impact upon the understanding of larger numbers. We will also consider the use of part-whole models and how they can be utilised when expressing additive structures. Furthermore, we will explore how calculation strategies are built up in order to maximise mathematical fluency for our pupils.


Multiplication and Division:

These sessions will explore how the use of unitising can play an integral role in the development of our pupil's understanding of multiplicative structures. We will explore ways to build conceptual understanding of times tables, aiming to build mathematical fluency as opposed to learning 'independent' facts. We will also look to build on our understanding of multiplicative calculations in order to develop efficient strategies. 



These sessions will explore our understanding of fractions, recognising their role as a number within our number system. We will look at how we can build strong foundations for fractions before going onto generalising our understanding in order to establish deeper connections to other areas of mathematics. 

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