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Teaching Assistants, Maximising Impact

Programme aim and content:

We are excited to introduce our new Teaching Assistant    Programme for 2019/2020. The Programme has been written to address the current demands of the Teaching Assistant role.  This programme, delivered over five sessions, aims to equip Teaching Assistants with the tools needed to support their
professional development whilst focusing on maximising
progress for the children they work with. The programme is delivered by experienced Teaching Assistants currently
working in schools; with some workshops being delivered by Specialist Leaders of Education. Headteachers can choose for their TAs  to access the whole programme or attend single sessions.


Aims of the Programme:

  • To understand how Teaching Assistants impact Pupil progress
  • To develop effective questioning techniques
  • To build subject knowledge in Mathematics
  • To build subject knowledge for Phonics
  • To understand how effective feedback impacts pupil progress
  • To promote use of language for learning

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